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Quality control

Quality check routine

After the goods are ready, managers go to the factory and check the quality (they have to unwrap original packaging). All ready-to-assemble items are to be assembled. This is how we check each item:

  1. Produced items match the order (form, colour, shape, material and quantity)

  2. Spoilage

  3. Tracks of usage

  4. Material consistency. For example, sofa stuffing should be equally soft without any hole underneath the fabric

  5. Surface quality for wooden items

  6. Paint quality and uniformity

  7. Measurements (especially for customized items)

  8. Ceramics chipping and scratches

  9. Check hot-tubs and mini-swimming pools with water and check build quality of nozzles

If any of the above detected, we ask manufacturers to fix problems or remake an item.

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